What to choose for trekking: PDA, smartphone or tablet?


Field work has special requirements for portable electronic devices. The first thing you need to pay attention - such a device must be protected from all sorts of external influences (dust, sand, water, shock, vibration and drops). Equally important and hardware features. And here the question arises: what is best for the campaign: PDA, smartphone or tablet?

We will consider only those gadgets that have the ability to connect directly to the cellular operator (include phone function with SIM-card). Otherwise, the instrument can not be considered practical in field conditions:

• Smartphone. Is a universal portable device combines the functionality of a tablet and the average PDA.
• Tablet. In essence it is a smartphone with a very large display. Useful in low light, while the gloves and in cramped conditions.
• PDA (industrial PDA). Specialized instrument for data collection in the field. The most commonly used mobile employees and unhelpful when doing extreme sports. Can be combined with additional sensors professional.

In recent years, the difference between handheld computers, smartphones and tablets rapidly erased, especially in terms of convenience and productivity. Most often it refers only to the size and functionality of the display. Therefore, it is the display size will be the basis to justify the selection.

PDA, smartphone or tablet for outdoors?


Choose devays size display

Usually modern smartphones get a screen with good resolution and a diagonal of 5 - 6 inches. It is enough to see the phone number and accompanying data, but too small for comfortable reading and display a large amount of information required.

The same applies to the PDA - most of them have to read data display devices. In addition, many of them provided a physical QWERTY keyboard. On the one hand, this makes it more convenient to control, and on the other - reduces diagonal display. That is best to use a PDA to perform tasks with the withdrawal of compartmentalized small amount of information. For a conventional campaign PDA impractical.

That is, really should choose only between a smartphone and a tablet. And here the last diagonal display makes clear favorite. That is, if you need to display large amounts of information, a model with a diagonal screen 7 - 10 inches is optimal. Larger screen makes the tablet bulky to backpack, and equate it to a smaller smartphone.

Conclusion is quite simple: ideal for trekking - Tablet PC with phone function and secondary diagonal display 8 - 9 inches. Of course, as already mentioned, it should be protected in every way. On this screen comfortably output data applications that can be easily read in cramped conditions, and manage data editing.

If we add to this tablet a convenient carrying case with clip, radio, navigation and external sensors, this set can be considered universal for professional trips. However, there is an alternative - a smartphone user with the radio, navigation and sensors in a single package. For example, such as Runbo X6. Although it is produced is not a professional company, and therefore can hardly be considered a serious expeditionary mobile device.

Источник: www.mobipukka.ru

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